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Monday, March 11, 2013

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

After waiting all winter it was finally time to head back to Arkansas for some climbing!  My last trip wasn't all that great as I was feeling uncomfortable leading and just wasn't feeling strong.  This time I was ready.  We headed down to the ranch after work on Thursday March 7th.  Got camp setup just after 12:30 and had a restful 32 degree night.  Friday morning we got up and headed to the Ozark Cafe for a warm breakfast before returning to the ranch around 9:00.  By then the sun was out and the day warmed up to the low 60's.  By late afternoon the weather was blowing in and it turned cold.  Thankfully it stayed in the low 40's Friday night with a light there any better way to fall asleep than in a tent with a light rain?

Summer Rain (5.6) | Lion Tamer (5.9-) - 1 | African Herb Man (5.8) | The Controversy (5.9) - A, 2 | Around the Fur (5.8+) - 3 | Meck, Mecke...What's the Difference? (5.9+) - 3 | Eighteen Inches (5.7) - L | Honorary Brave (5.8)

Saturday morning was a bit chilly, but much nicer than the day before!  After a hearty breakfast we decided to break camp due to the coming rain and spend a second day in the North Forty.  We continued to climb routes that I had never been on which was the highlight of the trip for me!  I know some people skip over the routes below their grade, but for me I want to climb them at least once since this is our "home crag" and it is easy to get to.  I've found some really enjoyable 5.8's because of this.  After another nearly full day of climbing we left the ranch around 5:00.  By the time we were North of Harrison we hit the rain and it stayed with us most of the way home.  We all hated to leave a day early, but are grateful we did as it rained all day Sunday in Northern Arkansas.  I am really looking forward to getting back to HCR next month and working on ticking off some more unclimbed routes!

Pulp Fiction (5.8+) - L | Ides of March (5.7) | Tres Equies (5.9-) | The Bulb (5.9) - 3 | The Kindergarten Pimp (5.9) | Smooth Criminal (5.9)

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. I finally remembered to climb this route with out traversing right onto Frankenberry!
2. I had 2 takes at the crux.  I'll get it next time!
3. This is a great route as it has some nice moves.  Definitely one of my favorites!

(2013-03-08) - 0009 (2013-03-08) - 0025 (2013-03-08) - 0033
(2013-03-08) - 0041 (2013-03-08) - 0053 (2013-03-09) - 0076
(2013-03-09) - 0086 (2013-03-09) - 0091 (2013-03-09) - 0103
(2013-03-09) - 0115 (2013-03-09) - 0130 (2013-03-09) - 0133
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