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Monday, September 9, 2013

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

Not being able to go down to Arkansas until Saturday morning meant a short weekend.  It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Colin to the ranch.  Once he heard I was going he was begging to go, so having already made the decision I told him he could come along.  I couldn't believe how excited he was!  He has gone to the gym several times with me, but has developed a fear of going to the top of the walls, even after several successful climbs.  I didn't think he would do very well, but I couldn't have been more wrong!  We arrived just after noon on Saturday and went to find the guys.  They were occupied with some routes that were not that appealing to me, so I took colin down to the Kindergarten Boulder and got him on Class Clown.  He not only made it all the way to the top (30ft), but immediately did it again.  He was too afraid to let me lower him, so he down climbed.  Something we needed to work on!  After that I did some climbing before setting up a top rope on Cotton Candy (60ft) for him.  Amazingly he made it up about 35ft before reaching the point he wasn't comfortable...the route flares out a bit and I didn't' expect him to be comfortable with it at that point anyway.  My climbing for the day entailed the following, including getting Strongman clean for the first time!

Class Clown (5.4) - 1 | African Herbman (5.8) | Stiff Nekked Fools (5.8+) - L2 |  Cotton Candy (5.6) - L |  Cotton Candy (5.6) | Strongman (5.9)

Sunday morning Colin decided he wanted to go into town for breakfast.  We headed to the Ozark Cafe while the guys headed to the crag.  After a good breakfast we met up with them and I tackled Frankenberry, which I had never been on.  I then took Colin to the practice boulder and taught him to rappel.  I was surprised when he did it on his own 6 times in a row after two practices with me beside him!  We then went back to Class Clown and he climbed it 6 times in a row.  We then headed out and went for a dip in the Buffalo River before driving home.

Frankenberry (5.9+) | Class Clown (5.4) - 1

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. Free Solo
2. One take

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