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Monday, April 13, 2015

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

We headed down to the ranch late on Friday night.  Got the tents set up and got to bed around 12:30am.  Saturday morning we headed up to Doomsday Wall which I had been wanting to climb on for a while.  We knocked out 4 of the 5 moderates before heading down to Titanic.  We successfully climbed the 9+ on Titanic and then headed down to Gimp and Wheezer.  On the way we passed Bob who was wedged in an offwidth.  He soon came to join us as his partner was done for the day.  While Michael was leading Gimp and Wheezer, Bob put up Solid.  I had been wanting to get on Solid for a while, but heard how stiff it was.  Somehow I managed to get the route clean despite feeling like I was going to come off the wall several times.  The start is very balancy and the traverse to the other side of the aerte was quite interesting.  The girls finished playing on Gimp and Wheezer but needed someone to clean it.  I went up it "like it was a 5.8" according to them...which it sure felt like.  A little Top Rope Courage goes a long way.  Everyone headed back to camp and Bob and I went off to Mortar Fire (5.9 Trad).  He climbed it and I belayed.  We headed back to camp and made dinner over the fire before heading to bed.

I Heart Tsunamis (5.8) | The Giant Poison Ivy Monster from the Planet Scratch My Butt (5.8) | Z-Day (5.8) | New Doomsdays (5.9-) | The Lookout (5.9+) | Solid (5.10a) | Gimp and Wheezer (5.10a) - 1

Sunday we slept in before heading to the East side.  Michael and Jenna climbed Swamp Rat and then we all did a new 5.8 left of the Roman Wall.  We finished out the short day catching Michael on Manservant before leaving the ranch.  We stopped by Steel Creek to soak our feet in the Buffalo before heading home.

Warthog (5.8+)

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. Started to lead it but psyched myself out between the second and third bolt.