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Monday, April 14, 2014

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

I headed down Friday night and got to the ranch after dark.  Saturday morning Jenna, Katie, Rachel, and Emily showed up early.  We headed to the East Side this time.  I started us off on a new 5.8+ that had a sketchy top out.  I tried my hand at Sybarite again but was unable to get through the crux.  That one is becoming my nemesis!  I took everyone down to my favorite, Gracie's Eight and most agreed it was a great route!  We finished the day with a couple of easy routes and then headed back to camp.  After everyone had eaten, Jenna, Katie, and I headed up to climb at night along with an old friend of Jenna's who had joined us for the day.  I've climbed at night before, but never during a full moon.  We were actually able to turn off our headlamps for the climb as the moon was so bright.  I look forward to doing that again!!

Exploration Space (5.8+) - L, 1 | Sybarite (5.9+) - 2 | Gracie's Eight (5.8+) | Montazuma's Toe (5.8) - 3 | Rubber Chicken (5.6) | Paul's Redemption (5.7) - 4

The weather was not looking good on Sunday when we woke up.  We packed up camp and tried to get in some climbing.  Unfortunately after one route we had to bail and got caught in the rain on the way down to the cars.

Eighteen Inches (5.7) - L

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. Lead with takes and then top roped clean.
2. Failed to get through crux on lead.  Tried to top rope it but was too pumped.
3. Lead to last bolt and then bailed because I got freaked out by the traverse and the implications of a fall on my lightweight belayer.
4. Climbed at night without headlamp because of the full moon!

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