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Monday, March 31, 2014

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

First climbing trip of 2014!  We drove down to the cabin Friday night and got there after dark.  Though we could not climb, Andy, Andreas, Greg, Drew and I had a fun evening playing "Let it Ride."

Saturday morning we headed up to the Land Beyond.  Nathaniel & Rachel had come down with their friend Emily, and Katie and Jenna had driven down as well.  I split my time climbing with them as well as the guys.  After a couple of warmups I climbed my first outdoor 5.10c!  After that, the girls and I went to check out one of the new routes on the back side of the Kindergarten Boulder.  I successfully led it with a few takes and then climbed it clean.  Art the time we did not know it's grade, but later found out it was a 5.10a.  I was also able to finally climb Private Property clean!

Toys for Tots (5.7) - L | Lampe Land (5.8) | Dog Crap Broken Fingers (5.10c) | Romen's Empire (5.10a) - L, 1 | Private Property (5.10a) | Lion Tamer (5.9-) - L

On Sunday, Andy and Andreas headed off to climb some harder stuff.  The rest of us focused on some easier routes that the girls would enjoy...being it was their first time outside.

African Herbman (5.8) - L | Paul's Redemption (5.7) | Stiff Neked Fools (5.8+) | Webster's Part (5.8+) - L

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. Lead with takes and then top roped clean.

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