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Monday, October 21, 2013

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

Chris and I drove down Friday morning and got to the ranch before the rain hit.  It started to drizzle but we went to go climb anyway.  By 8:00 it was storming pretty good and we were in our tents for the night.  The rest of the group showed up around 12:30 and set up in the rain.

Class Clown (5.4) - 1 | Chica Bonita (5.8) - L | Chica Bonito (5.8+) | Ojos Locos (5.9) - L

Since the Dynamic Earth crew had invaded the North Forty we headed to the East side.  There were several in the group who were newer, especially to leading, so they did some climbing on the Cliff's of Insanity before I took them over to Gracie's.  We hit a couple of the newer 8's and then finished up in the Middle East, which was new to me.  Got back to the campsite and had and excellent dinner and campfire (after dragging wood back from Magoo Rock).

Gracie's 8 (5.8+) - L | First Time Up (5.8+) - 2 | Fireworks in February (5.8) - L | Dirty thieving bastards (5.8) - 3 | Mad Money (5.7) | Megatron (5.9) | El Regalo (5.8) | Meh (5.7)

Sunday only four of us climbed.  After a couple of warmups we tackled Kurbcheck.  Then we got Chris on his project, Lion Tamer, and called it a day.

Action hotdog (5.6) | Kurbcheck (5.9)

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. Free Solo.
2. Traversed from Gracie's Eight and set a top rope.
3. Took over lead.  Top roped up to last two bolts and anchors.

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