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Monday, June 10, 2013

Buffalo & White River Trip

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Two years ago I had attempted to go on this annual Sierra Club canoe trip, but unfortunately the trip ended up getting canceled.  Last year I was Canyoneering in Zion.  This year it worked out and I got to spend the weekend canoeing with a great group of people I'd not met before.

I headed down Friday and met everyone at Rush Landing.  The next morning we went up to Buffalo Float Service and Leon got us on the river by 9:00am.  It sure was different paddling with only grown-ups.  We were in camp by 2:30 after paddling 20 miles!  A nice leisurely afternoon setting up camp, snacking, swimming, and eating dinner before sitting around the campfire and calling it a night.  A much more relaxed pace in camp than I am used to, though a faster pace on the water.  It helps having two adults paddling : )

Sunday we only had about 3.5 miles to go until the White River, our original takeout point.  Even though it had started to rain at the confluence, the group unanimously decided to push on.  None of us were ready to call it a trip!  As we moved onto the White a fog started rolling by.  Not only did visibility drop to 15ft or so but the temperature dropped by 10 degrees.  Soon we were past the fog and floating down a beautiful swift and wide stream.  They were apparently generating at Bull Shoals.  After about 6 miles down stream we took out and waited for our ride back.  We unloaded our gear in the rain and said our goodbyes before parting ways.  I am looking forward to this trip next year...I just hope it is longer : )

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