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Monday, September 10, 2012

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

Finally another trip to HCR!  Left early Friday morning and headed down to drizzly a sky.  It was sprinkling on and off but we managed to get in a few routes before the rain hit.  Thankfully we were watching the radar and made it back to the cabin before the downpour hit!

Summer Rain (5.6) - L | Stiff Naked Fools (5.8+) - 1 | The Greatest Show on Earth (5.8)

Saturday we headed into town for breakfast and then hit the crag for a great day of climbing with beautiful weather.  With Jeff and Andy training for 24HHH I worked on climbing moderates with John and Drew.  The highlight of my day was climbing my first Trad Route (Flashbacks).  This was the route I had seconded last trip so I knew it was an easy route.  I had good gear placement and really enjoyed myself!  Throughout the day Drew learned to clean and even lead a few routes!  John continued to push himself as well.  After dinner we headed back up and climbed a couple routes at night.  I ended up cleaning Green Goblin in the dark, which was a bit freaky but fun at the same time.

Caught in the closet again (5.7) - L | Flashbacks (5.7) - L2 | Flashbacks (5.7) - 3 | 15-Degrees (5.7 PG) | Peaceful, but for gunfire (5.6) | Hanging Judge (5.6) | Deadman Five (5.7) | Leonid (5.9+) | The Hurricane (5.7) | Hangs a Little to the Left (5.8) - L | Green Goblin (5.8) - 45 | Cotton Candy (5.6) - 4

Sunday we were all tired and only got in a few routes...but we still got to climb so it was a good day!

The Flying Daisha (5.6) - L | Man in Black (5.7) | Montazuma's Toe (5.8) - L

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. First Rappel off a sport route.
2. My first Trad Lead!
3. Climbed again on top rope to clean after others topped it.
4. Climbed at night.
5. First route I have cleaned at night.

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