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Monday, March 12, 2012

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Climbing Trip

Spring was here and that meant more climbing in Arkansas!  Andy and I headed down Friday and headed straight to Cotton Candy.  However, this time I lead it.  We climbed a few other routes, including a couple of 5.9's.  I accidentally got off route on Lion Tamer and had to skip the crux of The Controversy, but it was nice to be trying some 9's!  We finished up with Green Goblin which is now one of my favorite routes at HCR!  It is long, juggy, and beautiful.

Cotton Candy (5.6) - L | African Herbman (5.8) | Lion Tamer (5.9-) - 1 | The Controversy (5.9) - A,2 | Green Goblin (5.8)

Saturday morning we met Bob at The Ozark Cafe for breakfast and then we all headed up to The North Forty.  I led a couple of 5.7's before we headed over to the East Side.  I got the chance to climb Swamp Rat which was a bit unnerving because of the height and ledges in lieu of jugs.  However, the view at the top made it all worthwhile!  We ended the day with another of my favorite routes, Gracie's Eight.  I had attempted it without luck on my last trip and wanted to try it again.  Andy was exhausted but set up a top rope for me and I had no trouble climbing it.  The flake at the top is incredible and well worth the tricky start to get to!

Sundial (5.7+) - L | Groovy (5.8+) | Molt (5.9-) | Perfect Hair Forever (5.7) - L | Memoirs of a Daisha (5.7) | Swamp Rat (5.8) | Gracie's Eight (5.8+)

Sunday morning we woke up to rain so we headed home.

[A = Attempted | L = Lead | # = Note]

1. Went right halfway up route onto Frankenberry.
2. Skipped the crux.

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IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1253
IMG_1259 IMG_1275 IMG_1282
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