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Monday, August 1, 2011

Gasconade River Trip

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After hearing me talk about taking Colin on canoeing trips my neighbor Chris decided that he and his son Benjamin would like to join us.  We took off Thursday July 28th and headed down to his family's cabin at Lake of the Ozarks.  We had a nice dinner out and spent part of the evening out on the water.  Very relaxing!  I can see the appeal of having a weekend getaway.

Friday morning we headed down to the Boiling Spring Campground on the Gasconade River.  We had arranged for a 14 mile trip and after a short wait for the owner to return we headed to our put in.  All of us had a nice day on the river, especially the boys.  We stopped to swim several times and even spent some time fishing.  Colin caught his first fish and then reeled a few more in!  He was very excited!!  Towards the end of the day as we were looking for a good campaing spot we encountered a 3 mile stretch of river that was SLOW and swampy.  In fact, we found a spot that we thought was clean enough for a swim and within a few minutes I had a leech crawling up my arm...back in the boats boys!  So, with the sun beginning to set we settled on a less than ideal gravel bar and quickly setup camp, made dinner, and went to bed as the mosquitos started to swarm.

Saturday on the river was enjoyable, without any of the slow swampy sections to slow us down.  We had gone 8 miles on Friday so we only had 6 to go.  It was very hot out (high 90's) but the water was cool and enjoyable.  We had an especially nice rest at the confluence of the Gasconade and Big Piney rivers.  We finished up at the Boiling Spring before heading back to the campground and on to the lake house for dinner.  After dinner we went swimming and took the boat out.  Colin got to go tubing for the first time (with me), and after the initial fear, he decided it was very cool!  It was a very nice and relaxing weekend!

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Unknown said...

Looks like the water was really low in that video you took at the Gasconade River. Have you ever tried floating the Big Piney River in St. Robert Missouri? It is pretty nice. I went this summer and floated down to the devils elbow on the Big Piney. I was paddling the whole time and it only took two hours. I went RV camping at Cedar Mere Riverside.

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